1. Stolen Moments

From the recording Stolen Moments


A whole life can be lived just in the moment
When your eyes lock a gaze with mine
All the words that I'll never tell you
Are all there right between the lines
But this moment is such that a guy with a crush
Cannot really do much without turning to mush
And a moment not tasted is certainly wasted
Buddy pass the wine

Though our time in the universe in endless
Here on earth things are not so grand
Now your days may be many, baby
Soon you’ll count them upon one hand
When the moment is there don’t just stand there and stare
At the back of her hair like you don’t have a prayer
And a moment not tasted is certainly wasted
Buddy pass the wine.

Vocalese 1:
Any second now that first ray of daylight
Will hit you right between your open eyes.
Dig the possibilities opening up in front of you, so what you gonna do?
It’s up to you, so choose or lose your destiny.

You’re like a little boat just set afloat on open seas
So afraid to fail, set your sail,
Pick a star, and chase that sucker all the way.
Which one doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t matter.
If you don’t like where you’re going you just pick yourself another
and you’re off and runnin’.

While you’re hibernating life ain’t waiting
No, brother, it’s movin’ on
While you’re waiting for the perfect moment to leap,
Life is creepin’ along and nothing you can do in the morrow
That can bring this moment here again
Better take a moment in the palm of your hands
Or let it pass you then wonder what in the hell just happened?
That’s the way life can go
Sputtering, fluttering, muttering foolish life go by
Better step right up and take it by the reins.

Vocalese 2:
See the day slip away
It’s okay not to say what you’re feeling
But don’t let your fear exceed your will to love.

Get in and take a shot, if you’re ready or not
If you dig him a lot
Then you know there’s a way,
Though you stutter and stumble with nothin’ to say
Still you hope there’s a way, come what may
It’ll happen one day when you don’t even try and you’re wondering why
He’s been passing you by while you’re sitting and crying.

You sit and wait and wait and wait to feel the hand of fate
But it’s up to you. What you gonna do?
Haven’t got a clue. Feelin’ very blue.
Take a moment
Every moment has a million ways to live it starting with now.

If you never let it, you’ll regret it, you can bet it.
Feel it, taste it, steal it, waste it,
So exclusive, so elusive.
Live this moment.
Kiss this moment goodbye.